How To Edit An Essay Last Minute

If you are a busy student, you may find yourself typing away at a paper that’s due tomorrow or in a few hours. Even after you are done writing, you cannot submit that paper without proofreading it. Don’t fret; we have listed a few tips to help you turnaround that essay fast and with no errors. It is important to note that these tips are only helpful for individuals who are familiar with the punctuation and grammar errors they seek to weed out.

Capitalization and Acronyms

Headings, titles, terms and names should all be written similarly. You can scan your paper for every instance you have used a term to find areas where you may have used it wrongly. Ensure that you define each acronym the first time you use it then replace the term it represents from there onwards.

Hyphens and En and En Dashes

These 3 punctuation marks are very easy to confuse because they appear very similar. The hyphen (-) is used to separate single words or combine words that are usually used separately. Some examples of proper hyphen use include:

  • Making a two-word adjective
  • Making compound pronouns like “get-together” and “add-on”
  • With prefixes such as “pre-school” and “anti-christian”
  • To portray spelling, for instance, E-S-S-A-Y

The en-dash is used to show ranges (February-November) and to illustrate relationships (mother-son). Lastly, you can use the em dash to show the disruption of a sentence or dialogue or to indicate a thought that doesn’t grammatically fit into what you’re writing.

Check Spelling

First, ensure that your language processor is set to the correct language; be that Australian, Canadian, UK or US English. Use Ctrl + A to find any spelling inconsistencies in your work. If you can, use software like free Grammarly and Hemingway App to be more thorough.

Headings and Formatting

Go over all your headings and ensure they are formatted correctly and consistently. Next, check spacing and indentation. They should be the same throughout your paper and must be similar to the essay requirements if applicable. Most importantly, remember that most professors prefer that you use single space as opposed to double or 1.5. Stick to this unless otherwise specified.

Additional Editing Tips

  • Read your paper out loud. This makes it easier to spot areas that do not read well, helping you fine-tune your essay further.
  • Ask your study partner to proofread your paper. If you are burnt out from writing and proofreading all at one go, a fresh set of eyes could do you some good. They may be able to spot errors you missed and give you an unbiased opinion on what needs to be worked on.

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